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I've Not Been to France

Once Upon a Time in France

A few years ago, my daughter-by-another-mother asked me to paint a field of lavender for her work office. I hadn't painted this landscape previously and she had been to France a few times. I, however, have not made that trip. To prepare, I decided to paint a smaller version first to test my color palette and approach to the subject matter.

Wouldn't it be great if we could do a test run in life, too?

My sister, Julie, told me once, "Leap into the void and the universe will support you!"

I loved that advice. It's also very scary. The idea of leaping into the unknown and hoping that I would be caught by two hands, magically appearing from some unseen trapeze, just in time to catch me and help me soar to the next level sounded great in theory. As I contemplated the actual jumping however, it took a bit of time.

What's that got to do with painting?

As it turns out, nothing and everything. Painting or doodling or writing or making anything can feel like a risk. Something that was nothing but pure joy when you were a child can take on a huge fear factor when one invests too much pressure upon it. What kind of pressure, you might ask? Oh, you know. Little things such as:

  • What if it turns out I suck at this?

  • What if only my Mom and I like my art?

  • How good can an artist be a business?

  • What if I need a website?

  • What if... what if... what if...

#Landscape #Mixedmedia

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