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Art by Marcia Francis


Rising Daughter is me, Marcia Francis. In my art, I explore natural themes from seascapes depicting my Florida roots, whimsical gardens, colorful insects and forest creatures to the landscapes of my adopted Midwestern home.


The idea for Rising Daughter came along during a car ride up the Florida-Georgia coast on the way to Jekyll Island. I wanted to paint and share my art and make the world a bit more joyful,  one painting at a time. The husband and I were chatting about this when we passed a street sign along the highway. It said, "Rising Daughter." 

  • One thing led to another.

  • An idea became a practice.

  • The practice became a joy.


I am largely self-taught with excellent creative role models; my classically-trained mom and grandmother. I grew up in an environment that valued creative expression and the idea that life is something to revel in.


Today, Rising Daughter holds space for art and expansive creativity.

I'm glad you're here! 

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"The world is but a canvas to our imagination"

Henry David Thoreau

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